My First Grow – Germinating Cannabis Seedlings

Days 1 and 2 –  Seed Germination

I happened to have a hoard of Purple Haze cannabis seeds I had acquired in a particularly seedy bag.  I decided I wanted to grow my own.  This is my journey, starting with germination.  I present an account of me, germinating cannabis seedlings.

I spent under a half an hour, over two days, germinating my cannabis seeds.  It was a simple process:

  1. Place a wet paper towel on a plate.
  2. Put your seeds on the wet paper towel with some room between them.  An inch should be sufficient between each cannabis seed.
  3. Place another wet paper towel on top of the seeds, doing your best to make sure it touches the seeds.
  4. Keep the plate with the seeds and paper towel in a warm area.  I put my plate on top of my desktop computer.
  5. Have a bottle of water on hand and spray the towels so they remain damp – at least twice a day.  I sprayed mine three times a day.
  6. After 24-48 hours, several of the seeds will have begun to sprout a root.  Once the cannabis seeds have roots sprouted at least a quarter of an inch long, you are ready to plant.
    Note: Not every seed will be viable and some may take up to 5-10 days to germinate.  Be patient if your seeds do not sprout quickly.

After 48 hours, there were enough seeds sprouting of sufficient length.  It was time to plant my germinated marijuana seeds.  I chose 9 seeds to start with as I am unsure of the sex of the seeds.  I figured I may have to cull at least half of them for being male plants, in a month or so.

I started with small peat pots and filled them with damp potting mix, about 3/4 of the way full.  Using a pen, I made a one inch impression in the center of each pot.  I placed the individual seeds in each hole, with the root down.  I carefully covered each seed with loose soil.  After all 9 seeds were planted, I sprayed the pots liberally with water.  My germinated cannabis seeds were ready to begin their journey to becoming beautiful fully grown cannabis plants.

It cost me under $5 and about a half hour of my time, over two days, to get my seeds germinated.  It was really an easy process and I was surprised at how quickly they germinated.

Over the coming posts, I intend to continue documenting my journey to grow my own supply of marijuana and I invite you to join me for the next installment:  Setting up a Cannabis Grow Room for Seedlings.

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