Grow Room or Tent – What do I need?

Whether you choose a grow room or a grow tent, here are some things you may need.

I recommend Fox Farms line of nutrients for growing cannabis. It is suitable for both soil and hydro. It is also an organic line that will improve your yields and plant health.

The Fox Farms Kelp fertilizer is also very helpful.

These curved trimming scissors are great for topping your cannabis plants and later during the trim phase of harvest. The curved blade helps you with precision control when trimming cannabis buds or leaves from your plants and flowers.

Sunglasses for grow room LED lighting are a good idea to prevent eyestrain.

A water transfer pump will make life much easier when you start watering by the gallons instead of by the ounce per plant. It takes D batteries and works wonders for watering cannabis plants or filling gallon containers from a larger reservoir.

A jewelers troupe is very handy for seeing trichomes and analyzing the sex of your plants.

Oscillating Fan for Grow Tent
These fans are incredible. They clip to the poles in your grow tent, with special pole grabbing clips, and have an oscillating option.

A humidity controller comes in handy to manage both a humidifier and dehumidifer by turning them off and on as needed to maintain a set level. It could also be used to turn a fan exhaust system on and off to reduce humidity.

A cooling thermostat controller has only one function, to turn on a cooling system like air conditioning or an exhaust fan. It turns it back off when the temperature meets your set level.

You can also buy a pack that has both the humidity controller and the temperature controller included together. This temperature controller also has a plug to control a heating option, like a portable heater.

A humidity and temperature monitor is essential for each grow tent or room. Make sure you have one for both your vegetative and blooming environments, if you maintain both.

A filter/fan exhaust system for your grow room or grow tent can conveniently be purchased as a kit. The fan even has a variable speed control, but you may still want to pair it with one of the humidity or temperature controllers to turn off or on as needed, until your room or tent are in need of full time filtration.

An incredible price on a 1500 watt COB LED Grow Light – it’s perfect to fill up half of a 5×5 grow tent and provide plenty of light for your cannabis plants.

You will need these grow tent adjustable ropes to hang your lights, so you can easily adjust their height.

Temperature/Humidity Control
This 30 pint humidifier has worked great in my cannabis grow room. It will help to suppress mold and mildew growth, in conjunction with good air circulation in the area. It has a 0.8 gallon water, reservoir which works fine until you start dropping your humidity below 55-60%, when you should probably hook up the drain hose option. Otherwise, it may fill up overnight and your room’s humidity will rise uncontrolled which would promote mold and mildew growth. Be sure to drain downward with the hose, as this does not contain a pump for the drain to pump it uphill. It can drain up to 30 pints of water out of the air per day.

Water Control and Nutrients
PH Down is a definite necessity, especially once you start watering by the gallon and/or are flushing your cannabis plants.

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